Real Music from Texas

The Texas Music Group is Back.

This synergistic alliance allows each label to focus on recording quality music at its best, and then mutually support their collective efforts to deliver that music to the marketplace in the most effective manner. The Texas Music Group also creates a base from which additional ventures and alliances can be launched, starting with a reissue label, yet to be named, that is expected to begin releasing classic albums, currently unavailable on CD, in early 2001.

“The Texas Music Group is structured to allow us to enjoy the advantages of the intimacy of a small label with the clout of a larger company,” explains Geissler. “Each of our imprints enjoys the small-scale attention to musical quality and innovation of an independent label, enabling us to devote to each project the attention and care it deserves. At the same time, our collective strength will allow us to promote and market every release with the clout of a larger label.” By creating a new “mini-major” in the independent music world, the Texas Music Group will take the spirit of America’s most musical state and apply it with a global impact.